Custom domains

You can set a custom domain from which to deliver Filerobot assets, like

You need to define your custom domain in the Asset hub and create a CNAME entry in your DNS provider from to {token} in order to finalize the custom domain setup.

Define a custom domain

To manage your custom domains, navigate to Process settings / Domains / Custom CNAMEs.

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Create DNS CNAME records

After you complete the previous step, you will be presented with 2 CNAMEs to create with your DNS provider

  1. pointing to {token}
  2. {random_value1} pointing to {random_value2}

Where {random_value1} and {random_value2} are provided in the Asset Hub after you add the custom domain.

The 2nd CNAME is for validating the SSL certificate that will be issued by Filerobot to enable secure URLs via HTTPS. Contact us if you wish to upload your own SSL certificate into Filerobot instead of using a Filerobot-managed one.