Headless and Collaborative DAM, hand-in-hand

What is Filerobot?

Filerobot is a scalable and performance-oriented Digital Asset Management platform with integrated image and video optimizers to store, organize, optimize and deliver your media assets such as images, videos, PDFs and many other brand assets fast all around the world to all device types.

Filerobot can be implement as a:

  • Headless DAM for organizing and accelerating large quantities of media assets
  • Collaborative DAM to improve collaboration between teams as part of Content Operations

Filerobot's multi-tenant, scalable and flexible file system and intuitive UI allows to simplify complex workflows and integrations within your Content Operations. AI-powered uploads with automatic tagging enable to enrich media assets for better categorization, retrieval with the overall mission to give a meaning to your brand assets.

The Filerobot platform consists of 3 main components:

  1. a scalable cloud-based file system to store and organize files: the Filerobot File System
  2. media optimizers to compress images, transcode videos and optimize static files such as PDF or JS/CSS files
  3. multi-CDN delivery infrastructure to accelerate loading times world wide, absorb traffic peaks and protect your hosting infrastructure from high loads and DDOS

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Central Hub for media and brand assets

Filerobot is designed to be the central Hub for all brand and product images, videos as well as static assets in your organization. It provides interfaces to your internal and external stakeholders to upload, categorize, collaborate and deliver fast and beautiful media assets via multiple channels to global audiences.

Filerobot's mission is to support and simplify the creative and delivery process of digital experiences for engaging better with bigger and further audiences.

3 flexible and scalable ways for consuming Filerobot as a foundation for your Content Operations:

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ScenarioBest approach
I have a large e-commerce product catalog with multiple images, videos and data sheets per product. I want to upload them in a secure and replicated storage via API or CLI, categorize them with custom tags and metadata (taxonomy) and publish optimized variants of these assets to a large and/or global audience. Loading times are critical for my SEO and conversion. Also, I am looking into introducing 360° product views and videos to create engaging e-commerce digital experiences for my customers.Headless DAM
I need to centralize all my media assets and allow non-technical users to upload and manage new images, videos and PDFs via an intuitive UI and Widget integrated in my business applications. My users need to perform slight modification on images in an embedded image editor and annotate / comment on assets during the creative process. I have designers working with the Adobe suite and need to retrieve and upload assets from a central gallery via built-in plugins.Collaborative DAM
I run a real-estate platform and have a large media gallery of property images and videos. I need a media widget for my customers to upload new property media on my platform. Upload of large files must be fast and each media asset must be enriched with customizable metadata and tags for easy retrieval.
I want to introduce or improve current 360° views of the listings on my platform and need to deliver optimized and fast videos.
My marketing teams need access to the same property images delivered on my web apps to create digital experiences such as landing pages and interactive sections on partner websites.
Headless and Collaborative DAM

Multi-tenancy: the Filerobot token

Whether you need to enhance sharing and collaboration around media assets within siloed teams to increase productivity or manage millions of product images, videos and data sheets, Filerobot's multi-tenancy will enable you to address all use cases from a single pane of glass.

Single or multi-brand scenarios?
Single or multi-site setup?
Interactions between multiple internal and external teams as part of your Content Operations?

Filerobot's scalable multi-tenancy will prevent asset duplication, save time in categorizing and retrieving assets and overall structure your media asset library to set your organization for success when it comes to building engaging and fast digital experiences.

Each tenant is called a Project identified by a Token ({token}) in the Filerobot File System. A project hierarchy can be created with users and teams given various access permissions to a single or multiple projects.

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For the purpose of this documentation, the token for sample media links used is fdocs. An usual production token is a 8-characeter string, such as fabcdefg.

Content ingestion network powered by reverse CDN

Filerobot's mission is to accelerate the overall process of working with media assets. Uploads happen over a distributed network of uploader nodes in multiple regions to boost upload speeds. Hence an upload of a media assets located in Europe will happen over an EU-based uploader, while an upload in North America will happen over an NA-based uploader. This is what we call a reverse CDN for uploads.

Behind the uploaders, a distributed object storage container infrastructure will replicate data in at least 3 data centers with configurable locations for faster management and delivery during publishing as well compliance with privacy regulations.

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Privacy By Design

As a European company, we are very sensitive to the impacts of privacy regulations to the operation of SaaS-based solutions. We are designing our products according to the most actual privacy by design patterns and put a significant focus on complying with various local privacy regulations. Data location and 3rd party sub processors are configurable at project level.

Refer to our Privacy & GDPR section to learn more about how we process personal data and which sub processors are involved.