Headless DAM

Filerobot offers Headless DAM capabilities to help improving media asset workflows between various teams. Using the DAM API, developers will be able to upload into, manage and request assets from the central DAM database.

Why using a Headless DAM?

TL;DR a Headless DAM provides DAM capabilities without a UI

Traditionally, creative teams working on media assets are not the sole final users of these assets. Developers or teams managing the organization's CMS or web / mobile apps also need to interact with media assets to build landing pages, e-commerce shops, web applications and more generally digital experiences.

A Headless DAM helps decoupling the creative process from the workflows required to publish media asset on the web and to mobile. For example, creative teams or app users will feed media assets into Filerobot via the Asset Hub or the Media Asset Widget while developers will use Filerobot's Headless DAM capabilities to publish the media assets on the target web or mobile applications.

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Getting started

To get started with Filerobot's Headless DAM capabilities, browse to the DAM API section to discover how to connect your frontend and backend applications with the Filerobot DAM database.