Custom routing

You can define custom routing rules in order to build more semantic URLs. This can be useful to include a description of the asset and multi-language titles in the URL without changing the filename.

Rules are accessible in Store settings of your container:

Photo alt \#responsive

Regular expressions

The REGEX field accepts a regular expression and can contain any of these placeholders:

{file_uuid}The UUID of the file
{file_name}The file name of the asset in your container
{preset}A Filerobot transformation preset
{file_path}The full path of the asset in your container


If your SKU format is abc-43fa9fe, you can name your product-related assets (for example, product images) to match it.

Then, you create a cusom routing rule with the regular expression ([a-z]{3}-[0-9a-f]{6}) which will match only the SKU.

SEO-friendly, semantic URLs in your application or website:,

Actual asset delivered from your Filerobot container: