Customizable and multi-lingual file attributes

Filerobot offers a robust multi-lingual metadata and tagging system (taxonomy) to help you organize, classify and retrieve your assets. For example, in an e-commerce use case, customizable taxonomy allows for easy integration of your Content Operations workflows with your PIM database or can in some cases even be used as light PIM to cover basic use cases.

MetadataCreates metadata fields to help ogranizing your assets. Supports localization.
TagsAllows creation of pre-set tags for all assets in the container. Supports localization.
LabelsGives you a quick way to organise assets across folders in your container.
LocalizationAllows setting up multiple languages for your Filerobot container.

Metadata fields are pre-defined fields which can be shown, edited and translated by users with the respective permissions.

Tags are pre-set values which can be applied to assets for filtering and classification purposes. Tags can also be generated automatically based on image content using integrated AI-based image recognition algorithms.


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