Filerobot DAM Console

The Filerobot DAM Console is a file explorer and manager for uploading, categorizing, organising and retrieving media assets. It provides a single administration interface for managing assets from different projects (multi-tenancy).

Uploading assets

The first step in the journey of DAM is to upload the images, videos and files you want to display on your web and mobile application. Your Filerobot account is associated with one or multiple projects, each linked to a separate storage container. We recommend to further create folders within your project to organise your assets.


To create a folder, click on the "New folder" icon and enter the name of your folder:

Upload assets with drag & drop

Once you have created your folder structure, you can drag & drop your files in the file explorer window:

Upload assets with the Filerobot Uploader widget

You can also use the Filerobot Uploader widget to upload assets and manage your gallery:

The Uploader widget is available as an open source plugin to be implemented in few lines of code in your web application.

Processing assets


Once uploaded, assets can be tagged for categorisation and search using the "Tag" icon or the "Tags" submenu:

If you have the smart tagging add-on enabled, Filerobot will automatically tag your images. Else, you can manually add tags. Additionally. you can add a description, which can be used for example as alt attribute in your <img> tag.

Both tags and description can be used to search for an asset.

Editing images

You can edit image directly in Filerobot after uploading them to resize and crop them or add filters:

The Image editor is available as an open source plugin to be implemented in few lines of code in your web application.

Searching assets

Asset can be searched based on:

  • file name
  • tags
  • description

Retrieving assets

Once uploaded, assets can be retrieved via the Filerobot link:

It is not recommended to use the asset links directly to deliver the asset on your web or mobile application as it is not CDNized. To learn how to deliver assets over CDN, look at Deliver & Accelerate.

Deleting assets

Assets can be deleted individually or in bulk. It is also possible to delete a complete folder:

And much more...

The Filerobot DAM Console has many more features that you can discover by yourself by registering for a Free Trial here.