Sharing and Collaboration

Filerobot's multi-users and multi-tennant model allows users to upload, manage, collaborate on and distribute digital content in different projects via the Asset hub.

Users and rolesFilerobot's role-based permission model allows you to create users with different privileges, setting who can access and add assets as well as contribute by editing and annotating assets, or access billing information and analytics.
Edit and annotateImages can be edited using the embedded Filerobot Image Editor to create versions and variants. Annotations allow you to communicate with fellow contributors and discuss features of the assets.
Sharing (Sharebox)Users can share single or multiple assets as well as folders using the Filerobot Sharebox. It leverages the Filerobot File Explorer to display the list of shared assets and can be password protected. Sharebox allows to share assets with non Fileroobt users and can be only temporary available.
Content ingestion (Airbox)External parties can upload files into your Filerobot project using the Filerobot Airbox, a password-protected space for uploading assets into a specified folder. It can be made only temporary available.