Process & Optimize

The second stage of Digital Asset Management with Filerobot is to process and optimize your assets in order to make them lighter and prepare for fast delivery to your users. Filerobot can apply various manipulations and transformations based on the asset, as described below:

Image ManipulationLearn how Filerobot will resize, crop, compress, watermark and apply various filters to your images to make them look beautiful, slim and load fast on any device around the World.
JS/CSS ManipulationIn development, ETA: Q3 2019.
Video ManipulationIn development, ETA: Q3 2019.

Filerobot's image manipulation and transformation features rely on Cloudimage, the European leader in Cloud image optimization and delivery. Cloudimage will continue to run as a standalone service and all its features are integrated into Filerobot. Should you not need storage and Digital Asset Management features but are just looking for an image transformation and CDN service, use Cloudimage.