Prismic Headless CMS integration

Instead of using the /list endpoint, this API supports Prismic's format directly.

This endpoint lists the assets with the following settings:

  • 50 elements per pages
  • ordered by last_update


GET https://{API_SECRET_KEY}{TOKEN}/integration/prismic/assets
API_SECRET_KEYcan be generated in the Asset hub (documentation)
TOKENyour Filerobot token

GET Parameters

folderthe path to the folder you would like to list
default: /
pagethe result page number, starting from 1
default: 1

Try it out


Copy-paste the cURL request in your Terminal to see the API in action.

curl ''
curl ''


The response format will look like this:

    "results_size": 81,
    "results": [
            "id": "0de50f0c-d5dd-5a8c-ae96-9b8b32e500",
            "title": "c998f98fc77e833b3487b6e70dcbe0c7e62e7469cf1c572996d49e6c469e94.jpg",
            "description": "Some description colorful prismic_files",
            "image_url": "",
            "last_update": 1603813143000,
            "blob": {
                "name": "c998f98fc77e833b3487b6e70dcbe0c7e62e7469cf1c572996d49e6c469e94.jpg",
                "url": "",
                "type": "image/jpeg",
                "size": 377727,
                "info": {
                    "img_h": 1000,
                    "img_w": 803,
                    "img_type": "JPEG"
                "meta": {
                    "test key2": null,
                    "test key3": null,
                    "qa_tags": null
                    "tags": [
                    "search": "Some description colorful prismic_files",
                    "description": "Some description"
                "blurhash": null,
                "created_at": "2020-10-27T15:37:25Z",
                "modified_at": "2020-10-27T15:39:03Z"


  • results_size is the total counting of the listing result; and could be easily understood as the sum of size(results) of all pages, while each page contains a maximum of 50 files.
  • image_url is fixed to be resized to 100x100
  • description would be returned as a concatenation from blob->meta->search and blob->meta->tags and the parsed list of directories and sub-directories. In case the file doesn't have this field (and is at the root folder), it defaults to No description for this file is available.