Pabbly Integration

Pabbly connects more than 800+ software for seamless real-time data transfer.Their simple integration platform allows anyone to seamlessly integrate Filerobot with other applications to automate workflows.


Step 1 - Login to Filerobot.

You can request for demo if you don't have a Filerobot Account.

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Step 2: Login to Pabbly Connect

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Step 3: Create Action or Trigger in Workflow

In Actions search for "Filerobot by Scaleflex" .

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Step 4: Choose Action Event or Trigger Event from drop down and click on "Connect"

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Step 5: Enter Token and API key

You can find the API key in Filerobot Asset Hub -> Developers-> API Secret Keys

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Once you save your Token and API key,you don't need to enter it again for another action event by selecting "Select Existing Connection" option.

Available Trigger Events

Triggers are events that occur in FIlerobot and that events data are sent to Pabbly. Filerobot Pabbly connector has the following triggers:

Trigger NameDescription
File UploadIt is fired when a new file is uploaded to Filerobot.File details are sent.

Available Actions

Filerobot Pabbly connector has the following actions and corresponding inputs:

Action NameDescriptionInputs
File UploadUsed to upload remote hosted files to filerobotOrigin File Url,File name
File DeleteDelete file from FilerobotFile UUID
File RenameUsed to rename file.File UUID,File new name
Folder CreateCreate new folder in Filerobot.Folder path
Folder DeleteDelete folder in FilerobotFolder UUID
Folder RenameRename folder in FilerobotFolder UUID,Folder new name
Folder ListLists all folders details