Magento Plugin

The Filerobot Plugin is an extension which adds Asset Management to Magento Admin (Product Images, Tinymce 4 WYSWYG) and shows it on the Front-end (Product listing page, Product detail page, Minicart, Cart Page, Checkout Page).

There are 3 simple steps for enabling the plugin on your Magento 2 website: {#od_3152e35d}

  • Obtain a Filerobot token (request it here)
  • Install the Filerobot module for Magento 2
  • Add your security configuration parameters to access your Filerobot library
The plugin will make some changes in Admin:
Currently the plugin only supports the Text Component in Page Builder; other components will be supported in future versions.
  • TinyMCE Image(Insert/Edit) Default function will be disabled, you can change the image size by scale(drag/drop function) or delete and add a new one with the size you like.
  • Plugin will disabled the default upload function in Product Edit Page, instead every image's assets will be managed by Filerobot as a Single Source of Truth.
  • The plugin works well with Magento Luma default theme, if you are on a different theme, please check the manual integration below to get the product images.} {#od_5b50498d}


Step 1. Register for a demo if you don't already have a Filerobot account.

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Step 2. Install the Filerobot module for Magento 2


Filerobot supports Open Source and Commerce Edition from version 2 onwards.

To use the module, please sign up for a free account with Filerobot and get your Filerobot token and Security Template.

These fields are required to configure the Magento plugin.

If you have a question or need assistance, feel free to contact our support.

Install module by Composer

To be able to install the module by Composer, you need to get a copy of the module on the Magento Marketplace, or directly from Github.

unzip the source code to app/code folder

Enable and install the following modules in Magento:

php bin/magento module:enable Scaleflex_Filerobot php bin/magento setup:upgrade php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Step 3. Add your security configuration parameters


Once the steps listed above are completed enter your Filerobot token, security template into the Filerobot module configuration the Magento admin interface:

Stores > Configuration > Filerobot By Scaleflex > Filerobot integration

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Expand the General section and enter your Filerobot token, security template then you save the configuration and Click Test Connection to check if it work or not.

If your token and security template id is verified, please activate the module by selecting Yes in the Filerobot Enable dropdown then save again.

After all is done, you will be asked to flush your Magento cache.

Warning: You can not enable it until the token and security template id are correct.


  • Filerobot Token: Your Filerobot token from the Asset hub interface
  • Security Template Identifier: Security template ID, found in “Developers” top menu
  • Filerobot upload directory: Default /magento, this is the top storage folder for your assets.

Please create the folder in Filerobot first to prevent error.

Filerobot will use the set magento folder as default, if you want to change it please check if the folder exists in Filerobot first.


1. TinyMCE

Please click on Icon Filerobot on TinyMCE

Photo alt \#responsive

Then choose which images you want to insert

Photo alt \#responsive

Select one or multiple image(s)

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Click "insert"

If you want to change the image size, please choose one image at time, and click insert, then you can modify the image size.

Photo alt \#responsive

If you want to edit an already inserted image's size you can use Tinymce Image size drag/drop

2. Product Images

Go to Product Edit Page, in Images and Video Tab, click Image Manager

Photo alt \#responsive

Then you can use the file manager like TinyMCE above.