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Filerobot Media Asset Widget Custom Element in Kontent CMS

1) Have a Kontent CMS setup.

2) Add custom element

Content model (left hand side) > Create new > Custom element (right hand side). You will then have the below view.

Photo alt \#responsive

Hosted code URL is where the Custom Element's code (as a Web App) is hosted. Scaleflex's Kontent-FMAW Custom Element Web App is hosted at

Put the above URL into Hosted code URL

Parameters are the information that Kontent-FMAW needs to connect to your Filerobot Library. See below:


"token": "your_token",

"sec_tmp": "your_security_template",

"dir": "your_base_directory"


note: "dir" element is optional, by default will go to the root folder of your library. Do not add "/" at the start & end of the directory string.

3) Create new content with this Kontent-FMAW Custom Element

Content & asset (left hand side) > Create new > Chose type: FMAW. Chose and add some images, publish. You will then have the below view.

Photo alt \#responsive

The images below are the images added in from FMAW into a Kontent content-item.
They are added by Filerobot-URL.

Photo alt \#responsive



Go to Settings > API Keys. For this, you will definitely need your Project ID. You may also need your API Key (depends on what you want to do, but for simple things Project ID is enough).

Photo alt \#responsive

Write a client app that utilizes the Delivery API

Recall that Kontent have 3 set of APIs that you can interact with

Photo alt \#responsive

Delivery APIs in plain HTTPS form can be downloaded from and imported into POSTMAN

Photo alt \#responsive

For the 3 content items that comes out of the box, Kontent already have an example client app, which we can imitate.

Photo alt \#responsive

After writing and hosting your client app, go to Settings > Preview URLs and define your Preview URL formats.

See how Kontent defined their preview URLS for their example app

Photo alt \#responsive

Codename, URLSlug & ItemId are obtained as follows:

Photo alt \#responsive

Once you done all the above, you can preview by clicking Preview

Photo alt \#responsive

For more support: , button right chat bubble.