Drupal x Filerobot Module

1. Download and Installation Filerobot module

Installation from Github

  • Step 2: Extract the zip file at location "/modules"
  • Step 3: In Admin go to Extend -> find Filerobot by Scaleflex -> Install

Or Installation with Packagist

  • Step 1: Run "composer require 'drupal/filerobot_by_scaleflex:^1.0'"
  • Step 2: In Admin go to Extend -> find Filerobot by Scaleflex -> Install

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2. Configuration

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  • Activation: Enable/Disable the module
  • Token: Please enter your Filerobot token here (eg: abcdefgh)
  • CNAME: Enter the CNAME as per the configuration done in your Filerobot Asset Hub interface, once validated and the SSL certificate is accepted. (Or leave blank if none).
  • Security Template Identifier: To load the Filerobot Widget or Filerobot Image Editor, you need to create a Security Template in your Filerobot Asset Hub first, in order for your Shopware instantiation of the Filerobot Widget to obtain proper credentials and access your storage.
  • Filerobot upload directory: The directory in your Filerobot account, where the files will be stored.

Action needed when updating "Media Image"

You need to click the button "Update widget" to load the image after choosing the image from Filerobot widget.

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