Filerobot Media Asset Widget (FMAW)

The FMAW is a file uploader and media gallery in one easy-to-integrate modal or inline widget. It is the storefront of the Filerobot DAM (Digital Asset Management) and enables accelerated uploads through Filerobot's content ingestion network and reverse CDN.

The modular architecture of the FMAW allows to enable only the needed modules (see list below) to address multiple use cases for accessing and managing your media asset library from your web or mobile application.

It is optimized for mobile and can be used to upload images and videos recroded with a mobile device camera.




A demo page of the FMAW with all modules enabled is available here.


Installing the FMAW library happens over npm.


The FMAW consists of the Filerobot Core package and additional modules described below. The modules marked as required must be imported for the FMAW to function.

Filerobot ExploreryesDisplays the folder structure and media gallery and provides file management capabilites.
XHR UploadyesHandles multipart file upload.
Status barnoDisplays upload/download progress in a status bar.
InformernoDisplays pop-up messages/statuses related to file operations.
Thumbnail GeneratornoThumbnail generator for different file type previews.
Filerobot Image EditornoInline image editor with functionalities such as filters, crop, resizing, watermark, collages, etc.... Also used by other features of the Widget such as the variant generator and export function.
Filerobot Image AnnotatornoInline image annotation and comment feed for people to collaborate on media assets.
WebcamnoCaptures photos or videos from the device's camera and upload them to the Filerobot storage container.
Screen CapturenoDevice screen recorder and uploader
Pre-upload Image ProcessornoInline image editor prior the actual upload of the image to, for example, upload a resized version of a large image into the storage container.