Integrations and plugins

Filerobot offers multiple integrations and plugins to simplify your current DAM processes and workflows. Both widgets and plugins interact with your Filerobot account and need to authenticate to your Filerobot project using API Secret keys or Access keys generated by Security templates.

It is not recommend using API Secret keys for client-side frontend applications based on the Media Asset Widget as API keys are exposed on the client-side. Security templates allow generating temporary and restricted Access keys, more suitable for a client-side use case.


Following Filerobot widgets or plugins require an Access key to operate:

Plugin or widgetValue of key in configuration object
Filerobot Media Asset Widget (FMAW)sassKey
Adobe CC pluginsassKey

The Access key must be requested by the client-side application before initializing the respective widget or plugin

Filerobot Media Asset Widget (FMAW)

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Responsive images plugin

Deliver optimal image sizes based on the image container size and user's screen size.

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360° Experience plugin

Build engaging digital experience for better conversions in e-commerce.

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Adobe CC plugin

Interact with Filerobot DAM directly from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Prismic plugin

Integrate Filerobot in your Prismic Headless CMS project by using our Prismic API endpoint.