Transformation presets

If you wish to apply the same transformations on many images, you can define presets and apply transformations only using the preset name. This will allow you to constuct semantic, SEO-friendly URLs.


Any resigin operation or image filter can be included in a preset, as well as watermarks, image compression and static file transformation parameters.

Defining presets

Photo alt \#responsive

Using presets

Sample presets

preset nameoperations and filters

Here are a couple of images using the sample presets shown above.

Medium image w/ rounded corners


Extending presets

You can use additional operations together with a preset. Here is an example:

preset nameoperations and filters

An operation defined in any given preset cannot be overridden in the URL. For example, if a preset named small_img contains w=200, using /v7/original_image_url?p=small_img&w=400 will still yield a 200-pixel-wide image.