Blurred background

When using fit operation, padding may be added to the resized image. To fill the padding with the image itself, use the bg_img_fit=1 operation together with fit.

Default options

When you include the bg_img_fit=1 option, the default settings are used.



You can control the background opacity with bg_opacity=X - X between 0 and 1.

/docs/boat.jpg?func=fit&w=400& h=330&bg_img_fit=1&bg_opacity=0.65


You can set the radius of the Gaussian blur applied to the background with bg_blur=X.

/docs/boat.jpg?func=fit&w=400& h=330&bg_img_fit=1&bg_blur=10


To tint the background, use bg_colourise=X with X being the colour code or name.

/docs/boat.jpg?func=fit&w=400&h=330& bg_img_fit=1&bg_opacity=0.7&bg_colourise=red