Resizes the image to fit into a specified width and height box, adds padding (image or solid colour) to keep proportions, and delivers the resulting image via CDN.


The padding can be customised using the following additional operations:

X = [north | south][east | west]
sets the position of the image in the fit box
solid backgroundbg_colour=X | bg_color=Xdefines a background colour either with a hex code or colour name
bg_colour=auto | bg_color=autoextracts the most prominent colour from the image and uses it as a background colour
blurred backgroundbg_img_fit=1sets blurred image background
bg_blur=Xapplies Gaussian blur to the background image
X = 0..1
specifies background image opacity
bg_colourise=X | bg_colorize=Xdefines a colour to tint the background image

Solid colour padding

/docs/car1.jpg?w=400&h=320& func=fit&bg_color=000000

For details, please see the solid background section.

Blurred background


All options are listed in the blurred background section.


The gravity=X operation sets the position of the image when padding is added. Possible values are:

westcentre | centereast

If not explicitly set, the default gravity is centre.

For example, by setting gravity to south, the image is positioned at the bottom and the padding is added at the top.

Enabling image upscaling

By default, the fit operation does not upscale the image if the original is smaller than the requested dimensions. If you wish to enable upscaling when using fit, you can use the fit_enlarge=1 option.

Default behaviour

/docs/castle_doc.jpg?w=500&h=200& func=fit&bg_colour=b6d6f0

Here, a 400x100-pixel image is fitted into a canvas of 500x200 pixels.

Enabled upscaling

/docs/castle_doc.jpg?w=500&h=200& func=fit&bg_colour=b6d6f0&fit_enlarge=1

With the fit_enlarge=1 option, the image is upscaled and then fitted into the 500x200-pixel canvas.