Image resizing

Resizing operations allow you to apply various transformations and deliver your images with the desired size. Below is a list of all operations. For more details, click on the respective operation.

Available operations

widthwidth=Xsets the image width to X pixels
heightheight=Xsets the image height to X pixels
prevent enlargementorg_if_sml=1prevents resizing if the target size is larger than the origin image
cropfunc=cropsets crop resize mode
gravity=Xdefines the part of the image to be retained when cropping
X = [north | south][east | west] | auto | X,Y
positionable croptl_px=X,Ysets coordinates of the top left corner of the cropping rectangle
br_px=X,Ysets coordinates of the bottom right corner of the cropping rectangle
face cropfunc=facecrops the image automatically focusing on the most prominent face
fitfunc=fitsets fit resize mode
cropfitfunc=cropfitsets crop or fit resize mode depending on the origin and the desired dimensions
boundfunc=boundsets bound resize mode
coverfunc=coversets cover resize mode (distorts image proportions)
flipflip=[h][v]mirrors the image horizontally and/or vertically
rotater=Xrotates the image to X degrees (counterclockwise)
trimtrim=Xtrims a solid-colour border (if present), X is the aggressiveness of the operation

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any additional operations not listed above.

Resize modes

When you specify both width and height, original image proportions can be either ignored or maintained. Also, you may choose to add padding to the image. Filerobot provides the following resize modes:


Keeps image proportions cutting the image to fit the defined width and height.


For more details, see the crop section.


Resizes the image keeping proportions adding padding to satisfy the desired dimensions.


You can see all padding options in the fit section.

The cropfit operation performs either crop or fit based on image content and transformation parameters.


Tries to resize the image while keeping proportions. Similar to fit but without padding.


For more details, see the bound section.


Resizes the image to the given width and height ignoring original image proportions.


For more details, see the cover section.

For troubleshooting purposes, you can add the ci_info=1 operation to view details about resizing and compression, example: /docs/hotel.jpg?w=400&ci_info=1