Image filters

Filters allow you to edit your images on-the-fly by applying different effects. Below is a list of the available filters. For more details, click on the respective filter.

Filter list

filter syntax description
brightness bright=X | f=bright:X adjusts the brightness of the image
contrast contrast=X | f=contrast:X adjusts the contrast of the image
greyscale grey=1 | f=grey |
| f=gray
converts the image to black and white
pixelate pixellate=X | f=pixellate:X |
pixelate=X | f=pixelate:X
X - size of block (in pixels)
pixelates the image into X-pixel-sized blocks
blur blur=X | f=blur:X
X - radius (in pixels)
applies Gaussian blur effect
sharpen sharp=X | f=sharp:X
X - radius (in pixels)
applies unsharp mask effect to sharpen the image
rounded corners radius=X | f=radius:X
X - corner radius (in pixels)
rounds the corners of the image
bg_colour=X | bg_color=X
X - corner colour (hex code or name)
fills the rounded corners with a specified colour

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any additional filters not listed above.

Combining filters

To use more than one filter, you can either use separate commands or concatenate them with commas: