Move folder

This api will move a folder, identified by its folder_uuid to a new location (folder) which can be identified by destnation_folder_uuid.

PUT /v4/folders/{folder_uuid}/folders/{destination_folder_uuid}

API permissions


Try it out


Copy-paste the cURL request in your Terminal or click on the API Explorer tab to see the API in action.

host: '' path: /v4/folders/{folder_uuid}/folders/{destination_folder_uuid}/ variables: folder_uuid: 55f9a2a6-3cfb-5430-8814-27be3f1a2962 destination_folder_uuid: e9e224b3-b641-5a2b-abc0-169774c1a516 headers: X-Filerobot-Key: fa5fe3303dd34e1da4810915c7c3fd6f theme: clouds-midnight editor_theme: clouds_midnight method: POST body: | { "folders_uuids": [ "88c03bb7-4024-5884-b8fd-069b41d2f687" ], "target_folder_name": "/" } render: curl_tab: true


  "status": "success",
  "action": "folders_moved",
  "folders_uuids": [
  "folders": [
      "uuid": "55f9a2a6-3cfb-5430-8814-27be3f1a2962",
      "path": "/api-demo/d2folder/new-name",
      "name": "new-name",
      "meta": {},
      "visibility": "VISIBILITY_INHERIT",
      "updated_at": "2021-05-04T14:11:14Z",
      "created_at": "2021-05-04T10:12:39Z",
      "count": {
        "files_recursive": 1,
        "files_direct": 1
      "size": {
        "total_recursive_bytes": 126016,
        "total_recursive_pretty": "123.06 KB"
      "public_icon": ""
  "new_folder_uuid": "e9e224b3-b641-5a2b-abc0-169774c1a516"