Get file details

Retrieving a file's details over UUID requires to authenticate against the API.

GET /v4/files/{file_uuid}

API Permissions


Try it out


Copy-paste the cURL request in your Terminal or click on the API Explorer tab to see the API in action.

host: '' path: '/v4/files/{file_uuid}' headers: X-Filerobot-Key: fa5fe3303dd34e1da4810915c7c3fd6f variables: file_uuid: d04b0c9b-2193-5f94-83ba-aaf034450000 theme: clouds-midnight editor_theme: clouds_midnight method: GET render: curl_tab: true


  "status": "success",
  "file": {
    "uuid": "d04b0c9b-2193-5f94-83ba-aaf034450000",
    "name": "car2.jpg",
    "extension": "jpg",
    "size": {
      "bytes": 689847,
      "pretty": "673.68 KB"
    "flags": [],
    "type": "image/jpeg",
    "info": {
      "img_h": 1210,
      "img_w": 1814,
      "img_type": "JPEG",
      "visibility": "2"
    "meta": {
      "fthfth": null,
      "propro": null,
      "meta_key": null,
      "test key2": null,
      "test key3": null,
      "test_tags": null,
      "dsfgdfgfdg": null
    "visibility": {
      "value": "VISIBILITY_INHERIT",
      "inherited": "VISIBILITY_PUBLIC",
      "set": "VISIBILITY_INHERIT",
      "actual": "VISIBILITY_PUBLIC"
    "url": {
      "public": "",
      "permalink": "",
      "cdn": "",
      "path": "/api-demo/car2.jpg"
    "hash": {
      "sha1": "578ea48be0de7fa1d458f6254a299520fa83dbe9",
      "blurhash": null
    "created_at": "2021-05-04T09:01:47Z",
    "modified_at": "2021-05-04T09:01:50Z",
    "folder": {
      "uuid": "7610923e-80d0-50e8-a2e4-c509be390158",
      "name": "/api-demo"
    "product": {
      "ref": null,
      "position": null