The Filerobot DAM API is the foundation for a Headless DAM use of Filerobot. The DAM API works hand-in-hand with the Media Optimizers for image, video and static file manipulation but consists of a number of APIs for uploading and managing media assets. Following API sets are available:

API set Description
API endpoint The DAM API endpoint is api.filerobot.com/{token}.
API authentication You can use Secret Keys and Security Templates methods to authenticate with the Filerobot API.
File API A set of methods for uploading, searching and managing media asset files.
Folder API A set of methods for creating and managing folders.
Video transcoding API A set of methods for transcoding videos post-upload and support adaptive streaming capabilities.

In addition, the Filerobot CLI is a Command Line Interface implementing all methods from the DAM API for server-side use.

You can test all APIs with the Postman Collection below. Simply fill the Collection's variables token and secret_key and get started in seconds.