The Filerobot DAM API is the foundation for a Headless DAM use of Filerobot. The DAM API works hand-in-hand with the Media Optimizers for image, video and static file manipulation but consists of a number of APIs for uploading and managing media assets. Following API sets are available:

API setDescription
API endpointThe DAM API endpoint is api.filerobot.com/{token}.
API authenticationYou can use Secret Keys and Security Templates methods to authenticate with the Filerobot API.
File APIA set of methods for uploading, searching and managing media asset files.
Folder APIA set of methods for creating and managing folders.
Video transcoding APIA set of methods for transcoding videos post-upload and support adaptive streaming capabilities.

In addition, the Filerobot CLI is a Command Line Interface implementing all methods from the DAM API for server-side use.

You can test all APIs with the Postman Collection below. Simply fill the Collection's variables token and secret_key and get started in seconds.